TDW Studio Policies

TDW is committed to providing a warm, respectful & fun environment that allows dancers to express themselves freely and creatively. Just as teachers are expected to respect parents & students, parents & students are expected to respect each other, the teachers and the studio. 

Our studio is a shared space and we ask all students to be aware that people of all ages & backgrounds are present.  Please be aware that you are setting an example for younger students, so use your best judgment and refrain from inappropriate language and behavior. Also, please be respectful of the instructors by listening, not talking excessively during class and using appropriate language in the studio.

Avoid speaking negatively about one another, an instructor, or anyone else. Do not compare abilities or ridicule another's abilities. We are a dance family here and we help and support one another.  If a student displays any behavior that is deemed inappropriate or disruptive, that student may be asked to sit down a few minutes and watch class. If the behavior continues, the student may be brought out of the classroom to sit with a parent or office staff until they are ready to return to class with the appropriate behavior. 

We strongly want to encourage our students to:

  • Come to class with a positive attitude

  • Listen with an open mind when an instructor is giving correction to you or another

  • Keep trying even when it isn't easy 

  • Compliment and encourage your fellow classmates

  • Work hard so that you can achieve your goals 

TDW believes that a student's attire greatly determines the attitude she/he holds regarding their performance during class. Therefore we require that the standard designated dress be observed at all times.  Dancers are asked to arrive on time and ready for class.  There is a dressing room provided for those that may need to change at the studio. Please refer to the class attire section on the website for any questions.

Parents are welcome to drop their children off for classes. If they choose to stay, they must stay outside the studio in the waiting room. The teacher/children will periodically invite you into the studio to show off their new skills.


A registration fee will be charged each year.

1st Child: $40

2nd Child: $30

3rd+ Child: $25

Tuition payments must be made either:

  • In Full when registering. Receive 8% discount

  • 2 installments. Due 9/10 & 1/10. Receive 5% discount

  • 10 Monthly installments – Invoices due by the 10th of every month

A $25 Late fee will be charged after the 10th of every month. 

A 4% convenience fee will be charged on all credit and bank card payments.

Multi-Class Discounts:

Class            Discount 

2nd Class     5%

3rd Class      8%

4th Class      10% 

5th Class      12% 


Sibling Discount:

Class            Discount    

1st Class      5%

2nd Class     8%

3rd Class      10%

4th Class      12%

Refunds are not permitted for those paying monthly. Half & Full year refunds need to be discussed with Peggy or Danielle.

Recital Costumes & Deposits:

Every June TDW has it's annual year-end recital. Each class is required to purchase a recital costume of the instructors choosing for the students to wear for rehearsals and recital performances. The costume fee for this purchase is due with the December billing and is due in FULL.  Costume orders are placed in December and this fee is non-refundable after the order has been placed. Students are measured during class and costumes usually arrive anywhere from January to April depending on production and availability. Costumes are to be kept in a safe place away from pets and young children. They must be in excellent condition for pictures & recitals. After recital, they are theirs to keep. 

Holidays, Studio Closings, Storm Cancellation Policy:

TDW follows the Hendrick Hudson School District Calendar. We will close according to the district holiday closings. There are various closings for superintendent conference days and parent teach conferences; TDW WILL be open on those days and any scheduled half days.


If the studio needs to close due to inclement weather or last-minute emergencies, there will be a post on all social media, the announcement section of the website and an email will also be sent out. Do not assume we are closed if there is a snow day or early dismissal. We will open or close depending on the predicted forecast and driving conditions. 

Our students safety is our number one concern, in the event that we are open and you do not feel comfortable driving we encourage you to stay home, however, there will not be a make up lesson offered in this instance. 

Make up policy:

If more than two classes are cancelled due to inclement weather TDW will schedule a make up class. The instructor will determine the day and time with input from directors and parents. 

Class make-up is allowed in cases of illness, injury or family emergency:

  • Class must be made up within 30 days of absence

  • Students may make-up a missed class by attending any class of the same level or a level below, with instructor approval

  • Students may make-up a maximum of 4 dance classes per school year

Hold Harmless Agreements:

The parent and/or student indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless The Dance Workshop, Inc (TDW), its Board of Directors, Officers, instructors, agents and assigns from any and all liability whatsoever, for any damage or injuries, and from any and all claims and demands, including attorney fees, arising out of the party's participation in dance lessons, classes, workshops, performances and other related activities provided by and/or at the facility of TDW. 

The parent and student understand that students may occasionally appear in promotional performance videos, photos, brochures and other materials as a result of his/her association with TDW. By registering for class, such use of the students name and likeness agree to and acknowledge and, accordingly, all right, title and interest in the same are waived. 

No food or drink is permitted within the studio except for water. We are a peanut & tree nut free studio.

Please see the front desk to confirm you are on the e-mail list to receive any important information.