Danielle Izzo Kubichko  - Owner and Artistic Director:
Jumps & Turns, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Lyrical, Jazz

Danielle began her dance training at The Dance Workshop, Inc. at the age of two.  She is trained in all of the classical genres including, ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical and has studied under some of the industries top names.  After completing her Masters Degree in Adolescent Education and Special Education she began teaching students with special needs in a high school in Southern Westchester, all while teaching dance classes in the evening.  Realizing that dance and choreography were her true passions, she left public education and became partners with her mother Peggy at The Dance Workshop, Inc.  Danielle is committed to her art and continues to be a student herself.  She frequently attends dance conventions as well as business seminars to ensure that TDW provides the highest of quality experience to all dancers and clients.  Together, Peggy and Danielle, strive to provide young dancers with an experience that will foster a love for the art of dance as well as the training required to pursue dance on the professional level.

Announcing our 2020 - 2021

Performance & Competition team! 

Anastasia Heffernan

Amelia Remo

Amelia South

Avery Cody

Avery mazzola

Benjamine Zerrle

Brianna Harbolic

Carrie Zerrle

Christopher Schiermbock

Makayla Perez

Mia Mendecina

Nina Laboy

Ohanna Flores

Adrianna Kreatsoulus

Camryn Lubbers

Maddies Zerrle

Marina Barbara

Mia Capicotti

London Kubichko

Yanille Pena

Franki Dubray

Lenni Kubichko

Sophia Snowden

Simona Capicotti

Kaylee Snowden

Lia Williams

Lexi Conroy

Penelope Remo

Emma Roush

Danika Dubray

Jocelyn Pifer

Emmalynne Mulvey

Nic Remo

Susana Carlos

Victoria Mondello

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